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Nadia Cannataro
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large [medium] design office is a trans-disciplinary design and research practice based in Toronto, Canada. The practice engages in the investigation, exploration, and experimentation in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urbanism.

We are a dynamic, creative, and energetic team of two with one partner having backgrounds and association registrations in the disciplines of architecture and landscape architecture, and the other partner having trained and registered as an interior designer. The plurality of backgrounds within our practice affords a holistic approach to our work. We approach projects from multiple lenses with simultaneity. Ideas of urbanism are valid on an interiors project as they are at the city scale. We enjoy a freedom from definitive boundaries of larger firms, typically separating projects by discipline. We conflate these multiple lenses into a dense series of ideas emanating from our varied backgrounds into our projects. Our projects are not defined by disciplinary categories, but rather evolve from our cumulative breadth of experiences and backgrounds. We operate within an innate interoperability to arrive at avant-garde solutions.

Our practice is structured around three core principles; craft, innovation, and design based research.

Each of these principles is rooted in a commitment to serving our clients with customized solutions responding to specificities of site, program, economic, cultural, and social conditions of each project. We ultimately want to excite our clients with new possibilities and we want them to love every aspect of their project.
Past LARGEmdo contributors:
Dongge Liu
Meiyun Zhang
Christopher Lam
Pedram Karimi
Hamza Vora
Katheryne Parzei

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