Mendocino: Yorkdale
Toronto, Ontario
[id] Retail
296 sqm | 3195 sqft

Project Team large [medium] design office
Nadia Cannataro, Francesco Martire
Structural RJC Engineers 
Mechanical Prophase Engineering
Electrical Tristar Engineering

Photographs A Frame

Materials and design elements from previous locations are boldly reinterpreted within a new contextual expression.

The conceptual framework of the project takes its cues from various tailoring techniques as folding, pleating and layering are supplanted as constructs of spatial territory. A long and narrow base building space, very challenging from a retailing perspective, is activated with a continuous undulating ribbon of the perimeter bulkhead to entice and define the space. A crisply folded wood screen creates intricacies in an extremely tall storefront as it engages and attracts mall patrons. A large ‘X’ shaped display platform within the storefront creates a sense of drama while maximizing the use of an odd shaped entry space into the retail environment.

Fitting rooms have been deployed in two zones within the store. A small bank of three fitting rooms centralized in the store assist staff as they manage customers and sales during moments of lower traffic. A second fitting room area at the rear of the store offers a more luxurious and intimate shopping experience. This area is supplemented with a lounge-like space for groups to comfortably wait for friends trying on garments. .

A layered lapped series of panels subtly transitions through a gradient of white to charcoal grey crafting an understated navigational tool, leading patrons around the entirety of the store to explore all of the goods presented. The design maintains its connection to the street by maintaining existing large glazed openings serving as mannequin displays and retail merchandising opportunities. The urbanity of the street is read as a layer within the interior through the large glazed moments animating both the interior retail environment and the streetscape.

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