HYPER-Delerious Sudbury
Sudbury, Ontario
[a+la+u] Competition

Project Team large [medium] design office
Nadia Cannataro, Pedram Karimi, Christopher Lam, Francesco Martire

You may be asking, what makes a city Hyper-Delirious. Indeterminacy. Zoning is passé. The grouping of like things leads to stagnation, leads to isolation, leads to banality.

The ecosystem of a city is ever evolving to achieve a state of balance. It needs diversity not homogeneity, needs micro networks, not large precincts, needs friction not smoothness, and requires inclusiveness, to not breed exclusivity. Hyper-Delirious Sudbury creates an intensity to the city necessary for its rejuvenation.

A strategy built for flexibility, an intensity of seams between otherwise disparate programmatic zones, and a network of diversity. It imagines the city as a place of intensity of program at the pace of a pedestrian. It imagines the city not as a broad grouping of precincts, but as an intricate fine grain of program, and a diverse set of users. It is supportive of building parks and built form but more importantly it is focused on building vibrant diverse entangled communities.

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